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Material Memory Map is a collaborative research, maping the know-how related to the process of material transformation.

We gather knowledge and experiments linked to the primary material that makes our environment, and weave little by little connections between the various characters of material processing.
MMMAP organise encounters, workshops, films, articles and interviews about diverse topics related to transformation and displacement of materials.

MMMAP means Material Memory Map, three words put together to link matter, time and space. 

Our methodology aims to do the inventory of local makers and material. As we the core group of MMMAP is based is Paris, we proceed at first with an in-depth knowledge of our direct surrounding. Little by little, we expand our field of view to further territories, understand the meaning of displacements, the value of local skills and the preciosity of distant material.



MMMAP 2019

Coordination :
Timothée Gauvin

Films :
Antoine Plouzen Morvan

Images :
Timothée Gauvin

Map dev.:
Adrien Euverte

Logo design :
Boris Meister